Survival Minecraft. Feature Packed.

We offer our players the core experience of vanilla Minecraft but with some fun extras.

No Griefing Here

We don't tolerate griefers, so we provide Anti-Grief measures to protect all your survival treasures and create your own protected base, town, or island!

Creative Mode

Want to prototype a build? Need to figure out a redstone circuit? We have a creative world available with personal plots for all your experimental needs.

Community Events

We host Community events every month from build contests to festive scavenger hunts! Participate for a chance to win in-game items and currency.

Plugins, Datapacks, Oh My

Utilizing the latest Paper-Spigot server software, we're able to implement plugins to provide our players with unique experiences and perks.

Server Equipment

Our server is located in North America and hosted by ExtraVM running with a dedicated 25GB of RAM to support all our plugins.

Need Help?

With Staff members online throughout the day, active Discord server, and a online ticketing system, let us know how we can help!

About Little Haven

We are a haven for everyone. We are adults who want a space to be able to make new friends, unwind after a long day, and come to hang out and feel welcomed. We are rooted in the casual PVE playing experience. We want players to feel engaged but not feel pressured into dedication. We want our players to return night after night, day after day, but know that taking breaks from the server is okay. We, Little Haven, understand what it is to be human, and what it means to have obligations outside of our digital spaces. That’s what makes us unique, we can connect with our players on the fundamental idea of this server, being that this world is often an escape for our players.

Join our Discord!

Become part of our growing community by joining our Discord. Ask questions, share photos of your pets, find new people to play games with! We can’t wait to chat with you.