We’ve compiled our most commonly asked about commands. If there is a specific command you are looking for, please reach out to a Staff Member or ask us on our Discord.

We use Spigot’s text chat styling.

&l – Bold&k – Magic&n – Underline&m – Strike
&o – Italic&r – Reset Styling
To set a home: /sethome (name)
To teleport to a home: /home (name)
To delete a home: /delhome (name)
To quickly go to /home home: /bed
To do a random teleport in the main world: /brtp
To do a random teleport in the mining world (while in the mining world): /brtp
To return to your most recent point of death: /dback
To return to your last point before teleporting: /back
To open the warp interface/GUI: /warp
To use a warp directly: /warp (name) Example: /warp inkwood
To go to spawn: /spawn
To look at ranks: /ranks
To rank up: /rankup and then click to confirm
Rank Required Commands
To access the heads database: /hdb
To search the heads database: /hdb search (word)
Portable workbench: /wb
To access kits: /kit
Portable ender chest: /ec
Toggle-able night vision: /nv
Toggle-able flying: /cmi fly
Toggle-able water breathing: /gills
Toggle-able fire resistance: /fireres
CMI Repair: /cmi repair
To browse and then join jobs by right clicking: /jobs browse
To join a job directly: /jobs join (jobname)
To leave a job: /jobs leave (jobname)
To check your jobs stats: /jobs stats
To check the top players in a job: /jobs top (jobname)
To clear owned furnaces or brewing stands: /jobs clearownership
To check your balance: /bal or /money
To check the richest players: /baltop
To pay someone: /pay username (amount)
To private message someone in chat: /msg (username)
To private reply to a message in chat: /reply (username) or /r (username)
To open the trash interface/GUI instead of keeping lava around your house: /trash
To set the time of day for yourself: /ptime (day/night/realtime/reset)

Note: phantoms will still attack you, realtime is the real time of the server, reset it used to reset your setting for it. Ptime is known to be buggy.

To set the weather for yourself: /pweather (rain/sun/reset)
To create a (selling) chest shop: left click a placed chest with the item you want to sell and then type the amount you want to sell it for in chat
To change your chest shop from selling to buying: look at the chest and type /qs buy or right click the shop sign, make sure you’re looking at the sign, go into chat and click on “[Switch]”
To find the nearest shop of a certain item: /qs find (item)
To create your own claim: Use a golden shovel to right click one point and then right click the opposite point of an area. Height is not involved.
To delete a claim: /abandonclaim (claim blocks are returned)
To stop monster spawns in your claim, stand in your claim and /nopls
To add someone to your claim, /trust (username)
To remove someone from your claim: /untrust (username)
To resize your claim, right click a glowstone corner with your golden shovel, and right click where you want the new corner to be.
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